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26-Oct-2017 09:24

Josie’s voice is consistent and confident, so much so that I found myself wondering how much of the author was creeping into the voice of her protagonist; at times the prose feels almost colloquial.

The story is told from Josie’s first-person perspective and the reader is never left wondering where she stands on any topic; this is a particularly opinionated heroine.

Once misses start thinking about them want to claim.

Christ and Mother Theresa in the pecking order of offerings to mankind.

For every pleasant pub in my unfortunately perma-tanned, Towie clone-zone home of Essex, there are a dozen absolute fucking shitholes.

Josie is established as a tough cookie who only believes in things that can be explained.

She alludes to past girlfriends but is single and focusing on her career, a career that becomes threatened when she learns that funding is being pulled for her station and she may be out of a job.As the crescendo of an already distressing day at work, Josie falls through a portal while doing laundry in the basement of her apartment building, and lands on another planet.

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