Eric szmanda dating anyone

04-Dec-2017 17:30

) I am not a representative for Eric nor do I own any rights to him (again, I wish) I do not represent Eric in any way nor am I acting on his behalf.

I am not Eric either : Pvillage in the county of Waukesha.

George had met Monica before he became such a big star. There were rumors around the grapevine doubting George's gender.

And he hasn't done any movies yet, if that's any consolation.George Eads is one hunk of an actor worth checking out.And would you be interested to know who George Eads is dating right now? The girls that George is currently dating is about to be revealed.Don and Elaine currently live in Arizona, Robert and Brett still live in Wisconsin as far as is known. He has also lived in Chicago for a job with music moguls BMG.

He attended Mukwonago High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin and was in his own words "a pretty good student" who "had a bit of a problem with authority" but he concludes "I graduated with honors, they couldn't really fault me for gettin' in trouble every once in a while." He travelled to Russia to perform in A Midsummer Night's Dream. He says one of his fondest memories as a young adult was dancing in clubs in Chicago at the age of 21/22 particularly to Daft Punk's Around The World; a big favorite of his.

Eric Szmanda is an actor known for his role in CBS drama CSI in the role of Greg Sanders.