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He also owns a sports clinic that he barely manages to run with a little help from his friends.All of Us is inspired by the domestic adventures of entertainment superstars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith and reflects a new generation's enlightened attitude toward the extended family dynamic with humor, sensitivity and heart.Jamie King (Jamie Foxx) is an aspiring actor from Terrell, Texas, who has come to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment.To support himself, he works in his family's hotel, the ...Actors Tisha Campbell-Martin and husband Duane (left) have dragged best friends Will and Jada Smith (right) into their bankruptcy case after a trustee grew suspicious of a short sale of their LA home.The short sale price was funded 100 per cent by a third party known as Treyball, which appears to be owned by the Smiths According to the court documents, in late 2014 the couple orchestrated a short sale with their mortgage lender in which a newly created LLC known as Roxe LLC - owned by Duane Martin’s brother Michael and Derek Folk, the couple’s tax preparer - took title to their home.Last year, it was reported that Trey, who is allegedly versatile, which means he is a bottom and a top, dated R&B singer Brandon Hines.

A single mother and her two kids are the latest tenants.Posted Jul 17th 2007 PM by TMZ Staff Duane Martin Comes Out: Ends Eleven-Year Marriage With Tisha Campbell Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell thought their love was a match made in heaven. Married 1996, the couple transcended the norm for celebrity marriages, most lasting on average about three years. “I’ve heard women say they didn’t know their man was gay or bi and I wondered how they didn’t know. I will chew her ass up and swallow it before I let somebody else have her. The 37-year-old Martin announced to his wife a love affair with another male actor. “It was the biggest shock of my life,” Campbell says.Will and Jada Smith have been roped into their best friends’ bankruptcy after a trustee presiding over Tisha Campbell-Martin and her husband Duane's case became suspicious of a short sale of their Los Angeles home.

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The title of the famous couple's 7,000-plus square foot home was transferred to a family member, and 100 per cent of the money used in the transfer was funded by Will and Jada Smith, according to court papers obtained by Daily Mail Online.By Staff Will Smith and Trey Songz are allegedly gay lovers.